Tuesday, April 27, 2010


And Bathsheba bowed and did homage to the king. Then the king said, “What is your wish?”
Then she said to him, “My lord, you swore by the LORD your God to your maidservant, saying, ‘Assuredly Solomon your son shall reign after me, and he shall sit on my throne.’ - 1 Kings 1: 16-17

Today’s Reading: 1 Kings: 1-2; Luke 19: 28-48

And Solomon did become the next king…

This is the same great and wise Solomon of the book of Proverbs. He was the second child of the Bathsheba; the woman with whom David began his fall into his biggest sins.

Once again, God turns a bad situation into a blessing, the lowest possible means into the greatest possible result. This theme occurs so much that it cries out for us to pay attention.

Joseph rises from slave to be second to Pharaoh. Gideon rises from cowardice to become a great judge of Israel. Ruth makes it through a rough situation as widow to be the forefather of David. A Young David slays the giant Goliath with a stone and sling.

It’s almost as if God enjoys defying all odds. He provides paths of victory through the impossible forests of fear and circumstance.

What is required of us is faith.

We may still be afraid. We may hesitate. We may linger at the crossroads of fate entirely too long. But once we decide to act in faith, we are asking God to move in our lives. We are granting permission for the impossible to be made possible.

So don’t worry if you come from a bad family, have a troubled past, don’t have money, education, or the resources that you need to achieve what you want to achieve.

If you have faith then no circumstance can stop you from getting where you are supposed to be.

God has already said yes, now He’s just waiting on us to say Amen.

So be it....


  1. Morning Clarence, God's promises to us are yes and amen...

    I agree, God just wants us to agree with Him and His word and step out with some action toward what we say we believe and ..... "we shall have what we say".

    Faith cannot work without love. It is a heart condition. I believe God allows us to constantly be put in situations where our love is tried.

    Its easy to love those who love you and encourage you, but what about those who don't like you and spitefully use you.

    The true test of love is proven when you love someone and they don't give it back, yet you choose to continue to love anyway.

    Much Love and Many Blessings

  2. Nicwithpurpose has alluded to this, but I think it should be explicit. Faith also requires work. Faith is action-oriented. It only results in someting when we move in what we believe God has ordained for us. God's ordination for us, said another way - His will for our lives separate faith from foolishness and wishful thinking. If we have gone to Him with something that is within His will - we should exercise action-oriented faith.

  3. Yes. Action is how we say "Amen". Without action there is nowhere for God to move. Even Moses had to hold his staff in the air to keep the waters parted.

    Action is ALWAYS required.

    "But once we decide to act in faith, we are asking God to move in our lives."

    Growing up all always heard the expression "put your money where your mouth is". But faith is putting our blood, sweat, and tears from hard work where our hearts are.


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