Wednesday, February 1, 2012

21 Days of Listening Week 2 - Day 8: Discernment

This Week's Reading: Matthew Ch 5-7

Hey everyone!
If you are still with me after the challenge of quieting the mind then bravo!

If not it's OK. We have 14 more days to grow together.

So now we will try to answer a question that I'm sure you have been asking yourself for the last week.
Where are all of these voices coming from that are in my head?

Well there are three simple answers. All of that stuff jumbling around in your mind is either from your own head, from God, or from the devil.

Yes it is that simple and no that is not crazy.

The important thing to understand is what is from God vs. what is not from God. We can understand this by understanding the heart of God through the scripture.

So for the rest of this week we will continue to read from Matthew 5-7. There is much more to the heart of God but Jesus summarizes it well here.

In short, everything rooted in loving God and others comes from God; everything else is not from God.

With God there is no room for selfishness.

So during your quiet time try to think about the things that cross your mind. Do they make you afraid? Do they focus you on what you lack or what someone else has? Are you thinking about how you can be better to others?

In the next seven days the Holy Spirit will make himself clear. You will experience His love like never before.
Start with at least five minutes and let's see where God takes us.

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