Monday, January 30, 2012

21 Days of Listening: Day 5 The Spark

This Week's Reading: Matthew Ch 5

Some people have asked me "how does God speak to you? How do you know that it is God?"

One way that I experience God is what I call "The Spark".

Have you ever been reading something or watching a program or even just had a conversation when all of the sudden something triggers a jolt of energy within you? Maybe that jolt comes in the form of an idea or a feeling but either way that feeling is enough to momentarily stop you in your tracks.

Then we have a decision to make. Will we ignore the spark or ride the wave that it triggered within us?

In the past I used to ignore it. After all I have a lot of random thoughts swimming in my brain.

But then something interesting happened. I realized that I would get these same sparks when I read the Bible.
The more that I read the Bible the more often I'd have these triggers of inspiration. It was as if the Holy Spirit used my time in the Word to train me to see the genius he wanted to unlock within me.

The Holy Spirit has shown me that He is often the author of those sparks. We know that it is Him when it is in line with Jesus' message.

If you don't know what that message is try reading Matthew chapters 5-7. Read it through and I bet you will experience that spark at least once before you get to the end.

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