Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't Be Afraid to Turn to God

 The LORD is good,
   a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in him… - Nahum 1:7

Today’s Reading: Nahum1-3; Revelation 14

Have you ever felt bad for reaching out to God?

There were times when I used to in times of need. I thought that since I didn’t reach out to Him everyday then I couldn’t reasonably expect God to be there when I started to complain and ask for help. Didn’t I have to earn His love, or go to church, or read my Bible to have a right to reach out to him?  

I’m so glad that I got past this lie.

God loves it any time we call out to Him. He is always listening and always there to protect us. He is ready and willing to be our refuge in times of trouble. It is when we try to understand God with our limited minds and experience that we limit what He is capable of. His love has no limits.

So why don’t we go to Him? Why are we afraid to bring our cares to the Lord?

I know that for me it was because I was scared to bring ALL of me. I wanted to come to him for help with the immediate things but the big things I was running from within myself… no thanks God. I didn’t want help with that. I didn’t want to share those things or even look at them myself.

But that’s the thing that’s great and challenging about God. We may go to him for that initial need but He is there to care for ALL of our needs. Sure, in the process he may show us some things about ourselves that we don’t want to see but it’s out of love. He wants to shine a light on the dark places so that when He is done with us we have been made brand new.  

We can rest assured that when God offers to be our refuge, His wings are big enough to cover all of us; even the things we are most afraid to bring to Him. 

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