Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kung Fu Blessings

Why will your warriors be laid low? They cannot stand, for the Lord will push them down. – Jeremiah 46:15

Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 46-47; Hebrews 6

Ummm… so it’s pretty easy to see what happens when you go against God.

You get pushed down.

Verses like this are funny to me.
It is so simply put and so understated that it borders on being absurd. Can it really be that easy? When armies go out into the battle field does God put his thumb down on one side and mush them out till they are defeated?

I imagine a big thumb coming out of the sky. As it come down it casts a shadow on the entire Egyptian army until they are squashed.

How strange would that be…?

But you know this does make me think about something. Some friends of mine sent out this video of a pastor somewhere offering karate chop blessings to folks in his church to the soundtrack of Street Fighter.

First of all let me say this… it’s HILARIOUS.

But what is interesting is that I have seen folks fall out at church like that before. In the situations I have seen they were not pushed down or chopped down, they were overwhelmed by something powerful.

I know that these situations can be very real.

So what does it mean to laugh at it if it is real? I wonder what God would think of that. I know that I tend to feel uncomfortable when it comes to laughing at the things of God but maybe I’m alone in that. And also keep it real… this IS pretty funny! hahahaha

Sorry God... please forgive me!

What do you think? Is it ok to laugh or not? Why?

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  1. Hahahahaha! HYSTERICAL!

    To laugh or not to laugh, great question.

    My opinion, if you are brought to laughing then laugh. Maybe consider twice though about joking about the reality of the meaning of that moment for those involved.

    I mean LeBron James throws a gang of powder up into the air before he plays to which I say, "what da...?" It does though have tons of meaning for him. So who am I to make a joke of it.

    Everything isn't going to resonate with everyone the same way. That's ok, yah? So laugh, question, do the doggy "what" look, whatever, as long as we remember to respect each others feelings and expressions and the meanings they have.

    The video, soooo fuuuuunny!!


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