Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Kick A Brotha When He's Down

My spirit is broken,
       my days are cut short,
       the grave awaits me.
Surely mockers surround me;
       my eyes must dwell on their hostility. Job 17: 1-2

Today’s Reading: Job 17-19; Acts 10:1-23


Sorry Job… You’re really going through it.

But that second part is what really got me. My man Job doesn’t have the best company. For the last several chapters his friends have been doing everything but comforting him.

Ok fine, Job is questioning God… maybe that’s not the best thing. But come on now! Give dude a break. After all, he does have boils all over his body.

Initially they came and chilled with him quietly. But as Job started talking his friends spent more time telling him how he was wrong to question got, and how he was responsible for the calamity that has fallen upon him than they spent just being a good friend.

They transformed Job’s suffering into an opportunity to tell him what they were thinking.

Yes when we are in trouble it is good to have friends who will keep it real with us. Often times our trouble is self inflicted, and if we are unaware that this is the case a good friend is someone who will let us know.

But yo, don’t kick a brotha when he’s down.

Showing love is the same as any other form of communication. We must listen first, and then respond.

And in this situation Job’s friends responded based on what they were thinking about his words, rather than responding to the situation at hand.

Their friend was feeling defeated.

So next time you have a friend who comes to you with their struggles try to listen and console them first. Once they have been built up, then offer your opinion if they ask.

They will feel more loved if you do it this way. 

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