Monday, March 1, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

While Israel was staying in Shittim, the men began to indulge in sexual immorality with Moabite women, who invited them to the sacrifices to their gods. The people ate and bowed down before these gods. So Israel joined in worshiping the Baal of Peor. And the LORD's anger burned against them. – Numbers 25: 1-3

In the story of Israel so far, they have almost reached the Promised Land.


But now they are encountering the nations that border the land. One of them is Moab.

Moab was actually the son/nephew of Lot, Abraham’s brother.

(Yes you read that correctly… son/nephew… He had a child with his daughter. And you wondered why God gave Israel all of those crazy laws…)

Out of Abraham came Israel and out of Lot came Moab. So really they are like distant cousins. But the Moab side is down with Baal… not so fresh in God’s eyes.

As the Israelites approached, the leader of Moab tried to have them cursed but to no avail. So what’s the next move?

Hey… if you can’t beat ‘em… join ‘em!

Perhaps the Moabite women hollered or the Israelite men hollered but either way, the result was an intermingling that had some of the Israelites worshipping Baal.

When I think about my life and the many people who have come in and out of it I can’t help but to admit that not everyone was a good influence.

Some were great. A few even helped me to become the best parts of who I am.

Others weren’t so great. And the more I held onto them, the further I fell from the good path that would bring me the most joy and fulfillment.

The company we keep is very important. We have to make sure that these people are in line with our purpose. If not, then they could be distractions, or worst of all, stumbling blocks.

So, strap in and prepare to walk the path required of us, let’s make sure that folk around us are going in the same direction.

It is the only way that we can be sure we will continue forward in the right direction.

Today’s Reading: Numbers 23-25; Mark 7: 14-37

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