Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moses' Open Letter to God

But the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, "Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them." – Numbers 20:12

Dear God,

You ain’t right!

Ok… I guess by definition that can’t be true… but I don’t know. I’m pretty upset. You asked me to face Pharaoh and be the instrument of your miracles so that the Israelites could be free.

I did it.

You asked me to hold up my staff so that the waters would stay parted and the people could cross.

I did it.

You asked me to dictate the laws, administer the laws, and oversee the building of your fancy Tent. You asked me to lead your people, these people who constantly whined about wanting to be back in slavery rather than walk the path to their promise. And when you lost patience with them I stepped in, and asked you to forgive them.

I have been patient for all of these years. I didn't even bat an eyelash when you said that the entire doubting generation wouldn't see the Promised Land. I was cool with that. I could wait forty years for you.

But I struck the rock and now I can’t go into the Promised Land?

That’s foul.

I don’t understand it.

Ok… it is true that when I needed help you provided it. You did work the miracles that brought us out of Egypt. You were the one who brought the manna. You brought the quail. You put your spirit on the elders so that I didn’t have to bear the burden alone. And even when I struck the rock, you still made water flow out.

Ok yes… you’re pretty gangsta.

I should have trusted in the power of your word. I should have trusted that words alone would bring water from the rock just like your words created the universe.

So I guess I was wrong. Sigh…

I just have one request. Can I at least see the Promised Land? Miriam and Aaron are already gone so I know I am not far behind them.

But if I can just see it… that would be enough for me.


Your Humble Servant,


Today’s Reading: Numbers: 20-22; Mark 7: 1-13


  1. Cousin, Your insights are awesome. I have been reading the bible (again). The second time is much more insightful and meaning than the first. Could be my stage in life. I read Moses books. How awesome a God we serve. I was absolutely amazed at the work of God's hand, and even more astonished at the people's response. Moaning, groaning, complaining, lack of faith, idolatry...everything. And what did God do?...He still blessed them. He kept His hands on them. He did not let go...even though I am sure He wanted to. He consistently intervened on their behalf. Now, their unbelief did not go unpunished, but He stayed faithful... regardless of what they did.

  2. I will be admit it. I have never understood the reason Moses was not allowed to see the promised land.

  3. Marisa... I feel you. I don't get it either, but as I started to write it, it became more clear. There is still more to learn here for sure.

  4. Yeah, that was a high price to pay for striking the rock, but here's what I figure. Moses had the ultimate relationship with God. You've written about it actually. So, Moses has a better understanding of the heart and mind of God than probably anyone else at the time. Of whom much is given, much is required. He had a higher standard to live up to because he had a stronger relationship. High price to pay, but there's a lesson in there (though its a hard and painful one for me). If you expect God to have that intimate trusting relationship with you, he expects the same in return. So, Moses kinda punked him and He got kinda upset about it. The consequence was harsh -- but it is a strong lesson in consequences as well. I can't say I like it, but I can say that I understand it a teeny weeny bit. This stuff ain't for the weak, that's for sure.

  5. @Jan Yeah it's brutal. And I feel you on that spiderman lesson... with great power comes great responsibility.

    Also it's pretty clear in the chapters leading up to this that Moses was getting tired. And I ain't mad at him... 40 years ain't no joke. I'm sure that was as much the reason as it moment of weakness and frustration.

    Another post on him to come in a few days....


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