Friday, February 10, 2012

21 Days of Listening Day 16: I Love You

Do you have a hard time giving voice to your emotions?

This is the next challenge for this week of action.

Reflect back on the people that popped in your head during your quiet time. Is there anyone that you love that you haven't seen in a while? Maybe there is someone in your life daily who you haven't said "I love you" too in quite sometime.

Here is my challenge to you. Pray again and ask God about these people and Choose at least one of them to express your love to. You can express your love through physical touch like a hug or nice words, an act of service, a gift or quality time.

The key is to show them love how you think they want to receive it, not just how you are comfortable giving it.

Don't delay! Try to do it today if possible. It doesn't have to me a masterful grand gesture. It is the thought that counts.

Do not expect anything in return! Just do it because you love them. That is all the reason you need.
Thank you God for showing us through loving others what it is like to be loved by you.

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