Monday, December 6, 2010

Live By Faith

For we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

When you go some place new, you never really know where you are going until you get there.

This past Friday I went to a happy hour event to celebrate the birthday of a good friend of mine. She had it at a lounge that I had never heard of. It was somewhere in Beverly Hills so I figured that I wouldn’t have too hard a time finding it with some help from your good friend and mine, Mademoiselle Google Maps.

So I hit the road and the Google Maps lady is telling me where to go. All goes well until I get to the destination. She tells me to turn right but doesn’t say the street. So I drive up to the next stop sign and she tells me to turn right again as if I am not following directions. When I hit the fourth right turn I said wait a minute! This is getting ridiculous. I looked at the map and the destination dot is right in the middle of a block… it’s like I am supposed to drive into the center of a building.

She is leading me astray!

So I parked and decided that I would find the place on foot. As I started walking I encountered someone I hadn’t seen in years. I knew she was probably there for the party so I asked her where to go and she led me in the right direction.

Life is often like that. We may not know where we will end up but we know that we have to start taking steps in the direction. And as we take more steps it can be scary because with each additional step before seeing the goal we realize that we are farther away from where we started.

But that’s ok. Along that journey messengers will be sent to us to guide us along the path until we reach our destination.

We must have faith in what we cannot see. Otherwise we will never go anywhere new. We will never learn or grow into the person we were destined to become. 


  1. Walking by faith isn't alway easy to do.

    So many who live by sight, not by "knowing" can and will create and cause major problems because of their lack of faith.

    And their are those who say they live by faith but actually do so by sight. As the extent of their faith is effected by what the see.

    To your point though, walking by faith is the way to go. It can allow you to see through lies and understand truths that you may not notice otherwise if counting on "sight" alone.

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