Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Stroll in the Park

For the LORD takes delight in his people;
   he crowns the humble with victory. Psalm 149:4

There was a man who was taking his daily stroll through a park. As he started to head home he came upon a homeless man in tatters sitting by the path with a filthy, wrinkled McDonald’s cup in his hand. Their eyes met and the walker dropped a dollar in the cup.

“Thank you” the homeless man said. “I am an angel of the Lord. For your charity I will grant you a wish. Tell me whatever it is that you would like and it will be yours.”

After a moment’s hesitation the man said, “I wish that you bless the lives of those who don’t stop to help you. Bless them with love so that they will be inspired to help the next person they see that touches their heart.”

The homeless man smiled. “Ok, I will do as you wish. But to do so I must bless you. You have shown the love that you chose to give away as a blessing to others. You will be my blessing to the world. Each time you show love to another you will pass along the blessing that you so humbly gave away. What you give will be given unto you. All that you must do is continue to walk in love.”

“But what if I fail? I am not equal to the task. I do not know if I can handle the responsibility. I try, but I do not always love.”

The homeless man responded by saying “you have already been the blessing that you asked for. Do not be afraid to share the love that you shared with me today. And those that you love will do the same. You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to have the courage to try.”

And with these last words the homeless man vanished, leaving the blessed man to complete his stroll out of the park and into the rest of his life. 

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