Thursday, September 9, 2010

Danny and Annie

This video clip by StoryCorps was sent to me by my friend Joey yesterday. It really touched my heart. I'll let it speak for itself; but my first thought after watching and listening to these words was "this is what love is". 

I hope that I can express even half of this level of love to someone one day. This is a real life example of the circle of love. When we love another with all of our heart and they do the same in return, we are in the midst of a miracle. 

Simply amazing. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on this one. 

And if you feel so inspired check out the StoryCorps website. They've got some great stuff. 


  1. Man. Got a brotha trying to not get choked up at work lol...When people try to convince me that human beings were not "meant" for monogamy, and that marriage is fundamentally not viable, I want to break this video out. Commitment is a gift that many are deceived to think is a curse. It takes true commitment to produce a Love that powerful.

  2. Ah to be able to experience the giving, receiving, and feeling of such love. Beautiful.


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