Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twitter Rant: On Love

My last post made me think about something. Is there love without God?

Can one truly love without accepting the love of God?

I'm sure my atheist/agnostic friends out there would disagree with me but I'm not sure how any kind of lasting love exists without God.

What is the fuel of love without God? Emotion? Thoughts? Desires? All of those things are fleeting.

When folks get married they promise to be together till death do them part.

I feel that is a promise that romantic love cannot make on its own. It cannot walk that path on its own two legs.

I do not aim to prove this because proof cannot be had when it comes to spiritual matters or matters of the heart.

But this is what I believe.

I have tried to love without including God, and like all man made things, that love passed away.

I am now on a journey of love with God and I believe that will be the key... the companion that we have on the road.

I see now that the "whys" of the world don't matter nearly as much as the actions they endeavor to understand.

Love is much like the other beautiful things of this life. It is to be done, not understood.

And hopefully our leaps of faith will allow us to fly over the canyons of disappointment to the lands of joy and fulfillment.


  1. Good morning Clarence,
    Amen!!! That was beautifully spoken.

    "What is the fuel of love without God?"

    This is an excellent question. How can you give something you have not yet received?

  2. "Love is much like the other beautiful things of this life. It is to be done, not understood."

    This statement says it all in my opinion! I think it'll be a status too. Thanks!

  3. Parenthetical citation is greatly appreciated my friend!

  4. @Nicole Thank you very much. Yeah that is the question that I've been asking myself lately. I do realize of course that it is a matter of faith rather than a matter of provable fact.


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