Saturday, June 19, 2010

Twitter Rant: Challenging Our Beliefs

“These things I have spoken to you, that you should not be made to stumble. They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service. John 16: 1-2

Today's Reading: 2 Chronicles 25-27; John 16

I was talking to my buddy Adam last night at Yohance’s birthday party. Earlier in the day he posted this great thought about the writers of the gospels that was a bit challenging.

“Thinking a lot about writers. And Gospels---well, biographies. Is your best friend a good writer too? Is the person who holds the truest, deepest understanding of you capable of writing your biography? Wondering if Jesus had any BFFs who were just bad writers. Anyway. There.” - Adam

Verrrrrry interesting question that could go in many different directions. Awesome.

so we were talking about how sad it is that folks don't challenge scripture and how questioning is the path to true understanding. Then he said something that was so true...

Why be scared to challenge the scriptures? I'm pretty sure they can stand up to it.

That's real as steel. They've been around for 2000 years. I think they'll be aight…

If we don't challenge our beilefs can we truly say that we have faith?

I don't really think so.

Yes, faith does require a leap. But I also believe that it requires careful consideration and understanding.

When we believe in things that we don't understand we've just been brainwashed.

It is up to each of us to do the work to understand why we believe what we believe… regardless of what that may be.

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