Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Open Letter to Solomon

Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 12-13; Luke 22: 1-20

What up Solomon?

Things started off really good for you didn’t they? Your father gave you a united Israel and safety and security from your neighbors. You built a temple for God and a palace for yourself.

God asked you what you wanted and you told him that you wanted wisdom. He was so impressed that He not only gave you wisdom, but also more riches than anyone could imagine.

You and Israel were eatin’ real good.

Just reading through the chapters of how plush your situation was made a hater out of me for a quick second.

But then came the fall…

Ok… we’re not gonna blame the women here man. Why did you have a thousand wives and concubines? Did you really need that many? And why did they have to be from all over the region? I bet it sure was hard to find a super bad woman in your time.

You had all of them!

But with all of these women came their culture, beliefs, and baggage. Unfortunate… but such is the game right?


You knew that according to the law you weren’t supposed to marry outside of Israel. After all you were the wisest man ever on earth!

But you did it anyway. Why?

Because you could…

I guess wisdom doesn’t imply discipline. We may know all of the right things to do but it takes discipline and focus to follow through on the decision to do right.

And what happened? The closer you got the foreign women in your old age the further you drifted from God. You even created altars to their gods in Israel!

Not a good look sir.

But I’m glad that I am privy to your story. Between you and the rich young ruler I have learned a lot this past week.

If I lose sight of what is most important, then everything else can fall apart. Life isn’t about women, or money, or things. Life is about being close to God, living your purpose, and giving as much as you can to as many as you can.

Lesson learned… I hope.


  1. Hello man of God, as I read both the old and new testament passages, the things which rang so loud to me is first our choice to be obedient to whatever God has spoken. Second, disconnecting from anything that infiltrates Gods plans with actions of disobedience.

    You've been writting on how wise Solomon was and how he pretty much had everything he could possibly desire. However, the key ingredient missing was the decision to do what was right.

    Wisdom simply means to know the difference...

    Moving on to Judas, he could have easily changed his mind and repented, but he didn't. By the time he was sorry, satan had already entered him. Both Peter and Judas betrayed Jesus, yet Peter decided to continue and make a difference. There was absolutely no reason for him to do so, other than simply believing what Jesus had spoken.

    Now the Prophet ended up getting killed because he was disobedient to what God had spoken to him.

    Solomon was no different...

    In our lives daily, it begins with a decision to walk in righteousness, or not to.

    The bible talks about being led astray by "our own lusts". Its one thing to be led astray, and another to actually enter into it.

    Knowing this, there is a way that has been provided for excape.

    Choose ye this day, whom will you serve? Will it be God or man? But I say choose life...

  2. CM-this weekends posts were all great.

    Soulmates (ok not the official weekend)-yes, there are people that speak to your mind, heart, and soul more loudly than others. If one can decide to be with men only or women only, without consideration of the other, we can feel an energy from a person that draws us more strongly than that of others.

    Equally yoked-being so creates attraction in mind that is unparalleled. It is this knowing in the areas of spirit, intellect, purpose, etc. that inspires and creates joy. The stronger this principal the less "impossible" so much seems. Support means everything.

    Facts of Life-life lesson are the hardest to learn and sometimes the most difficult to endure. Remembering to breath and be patient to let time do its work, will let you get back up more easily. And heck we've all already fallen once and got back up. Deep down, we know we can do it again. Not always easily. But it can be done.

    Letter to Solomon-in a world full of abundance, where money can buy almost everything, and waiting is limited to "length of delivery", discipline is all there to ensure sanity. To have your beliefs and follow them not because its the law, but because you made a decisoin to do so. Disciplined integrity will keep you calm admist temptation and chaos.

    Solomon and David. Great kings that chose to throw integrity to the way side for the abundance and pleasure of women. With damage being caused to themselves and country for their mere lack of disciplined decision making. If we could talk to them today, I wonder if they would say it was worth it.
    - Alegria

  3. @nicwithpurpose "the things which rang so loud to me is first our choice to be obedient to whatever God has spoken. Second, disconnecting from anything that infiltrates Gods plans with actions of disobedience."

    Bingo! I think we're on the same page here. hahah I know that when I started my series of Solomon posts you were kinda like... wait a minute.. Solomon BEEN screwed up!

    And I agree.

    It's just really interesting to me that the man that God said was the wisest of all time could screw up so bad.

    Wisdom and discipline are two totally different things. Knowing what's right and doing what's right... big difference.

    You said "In our lives daily, it begins with a decision to walk in righteousness, or not to. "

    And I agree... but the key here is daily... we have to make that same decision over and over again every day. Just because we made the right one yesterday does not mean we will do so tomorrow.

    I'm glad we have grace. Whew...

    Thanks for hanging in there with me.


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